Strawberry-Rhubarb Confiture

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Is there a more iconic seasonal duo than strawberry and rhubarb?


Each jar of this confiture contains about ten succulent strawberries and a long stalk of rhubarb, cooked down slowly with a pinch of cane sugar and a pinch of sea salt. The result is tart, barely sweet, satisfying, and loosely spoonable like a coulis — although when refrigerated, it will solidify into a slightly thicker and more spreadable texture.


Like most of our fruit preserves, this confiture pairs beautifully with dairy: try it with thick strained yogurt; on toast with butter or ricotta; spooned sparingly over vanilla ice cream; with a platter of assorted cheeses.


At the Pith Supper Club, we’ve been making tender, decadent tarts by baking a thinly rolled pastry dough with plenty of the confiture poured on top. If we're feeling lazy, it's nearly as good atop store-bought shortbread cookies.


8oz jar. Refrigerate after receiving. Stir before enjoying. Ingredients: rhubarb, strawberry, sugar, sea salt. Contains potassium sorbate to prevent mold or yeast.