Sicilian Charred Lemon Relish

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An exquisite relish can be the key to a perfect no-effort meal. This one is a recent favorite inspired by classic Sicilian flavors.

We salted and charbroiled slices of aromatic Sorrento lemons before combining them with meaty castelvetrano olives, plump golden raisins soaked in vinegar, quality olive oil and lots of fresh black pepper. 

A generous scoop will make a meal out of anything: toasted bread, grilled chicken, fried eggs, seared swordfish, roasted whole cauliflower, various grains... However you may use it, we recommend adding plenty of fresh parsley and toasted almonds. 

9oz. Refrigerate after receiving. Ingredients: Sorrento lemons, castelvetrano olives, golden raisins, white wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, black peppercorn.