Orange-Cardamom Marmalade

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We wanted to make something special with the very last of bright winter citrus. For this marmalade, we slowly caramelized hundreds of entire oranges — slices of the fruit, zest, and pith— alongside whole green cardamom pods, to yield an intensely complex and versatile condiment. 

The marmalade pairs beautifully with dairy: try it with thick strained yogurt; on toast with butter or ricotta; spooned sparingly over vanilla ice cream; with a platter of assorted cheeses.

You can use the aromatic syrup as you would honey — mixed into iced coffee, hot tea, or cocktails.

It also works well as a cooking ingredient: shaken into a salad dressing, rubbed on duck or chicken before roasting; to glaze shucked corn grilling over charcoal; or swirled into a pan sauce with white wine, butter or olive oil, and plenty of black peppercorn.

8oz jar. Contains whole sunset oranges, sugar, green cardamom, and sea salt. Refrigerate after opening. Contains tart ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) as a natural preservative.