May 11 2021

Regular price $475.00

Ticket is for all six seats at one Pith Supper Club. Starts at 7:00pm. GTFO at 10:30pm. Menu entirely subject to change. No allergies accommodated. Jonah serves an aperitif; guests bring alcohol they wish to drink. Address and details revealed after purchase.


Good bread and salted butter; green gazpacho with cultured cream and smoked trout roe; plenty of radishes; green olives; extremely slender bread sticks to dip into herbaceous whipped ricotta.

Raw scallops with rhubarb, red chilies, and onion flowers. Raw mackerel with verjus, green chilis, and cilantro stems. Raw beef with good anchovies and green almonds. More bread.

Little lettuces with lots of dill and shallots;  charred spring onions with olive oil, vinegar and hazelnuts. Lamb chops. Asparagus? Hot sauce. Farro with peas and green garlic. Crispy potatoes with spring onion aioli.

Coconut sorbet with mango-meyer lemon confiture.