Mango & Meyer Lemon Confiture

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Mangos are surprisingly in season, so we made a silky confiture that pairs their sweetness with the intoxicating floral, zesty, and tart flavor of meyer lemons.

We sourced honeyed Ataulfo mangos from Mexico, waited until they were perfectly ripe, then stewed them in large chunks with raw cane sugar, adding a few spoonfuls of meyer lemon marmalade and a pinch of salt. Like most of our sweet preserves, this confiture pairs beautifully with dairy: try it with thick strained yogurt; on toast with butter or ricotta; spooned sparingly over vanilla ice cream; with a platter of assorted cheeses.

At the Pith Supper Club, we’ve been spreading a layer of the confiture onto coconut sorbet, then pulling a perfect spherical scoop that displays cosmic swirls of both components. 

It also works well as an ingredient: shaken into a salad dressing, rubbed on poultry; stir fried with fresh chilis and fish sauce (yum); eaten with sticky rice, or folded into a cake/muffin batter. 

8oz jar. Refrigerate after receiving. Ingredients: mango, sugar, meyer lemon, and sea salt. Contains tart ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and potassium sorbate to prevent mold or yeast.