Garlic Scape and Almond Pesto

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Garlic scapes are the curly, sweet, and herbaceous stalks that shoot up above garlic bulbs. When they’re available, we buy as many as we can and process them into a mouthpuckering pesto with excellent olive oil and toasted, salted almonds.

This jar will turn a pack of pasta into a very memorable meal for 4-6 people. Scoops of the pesto are also wonderful underneath grilled fish or chicken, mixed with gently cooked baby potatoes, fried or soft boiled eggs, sourdough toast, rice or barley...the possibilities are endless. Please note: if cooked for more than a minute or two, the pesto’s flavor will diminish greatly.

8oz. Vegan. Refrigerate after opening. Ingredients: garlic scapes, toasted almonds, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, green peppercorn. Contains tart ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and potassium sorbate to prevent bacteria, mold, and yeast.