Lemony Fava Beans

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These delicate springtime beans come in a fibrous pod and must be hand plucked and then peeled. Every 8oz jar contains about 120 beans, blanched quickly and conserved in olive oil with juicy slices of lemon. A few Tasmanian peppercorns added at the end may stain the lemons pink.

Lemony favas are a versatile pantry staple bursting with bright springtime flavor and texture. We like to serve them in a simple salad with plenty of the liquid from jar, lots of chopped dill, and slivers of a sharp cheese like pecorino. They also shine atop a ricotta toast with plenty of mint; plated over a poached fish, with a grain salad, or simply snacked on at room temperature with various appetizers. 

Ingredients: fava beans, arbequina olive oil,  whole sliced lemon, salt, pink tasmanian peppercorns. Contains tart ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) as a natural preservative. Refrigerate after receiving.