Lemon, Date and Olive Tapenade

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An exquisite tapenade or relish can be the key to a perfect no-effort meal. This one is a recent favorite inspired by Italian and North African flavor profiles.

We roughly chopped jet-black Moroccan olives and sweet toothsome dates, then combined them with quality olive oil, freshly cracked black peppercorn, and thin slices of whole Sorrento lemons. 

It's a fantastic appetizer or dip and goes great with grilled tuna, roasted branzino, charred cauliflower, and leftover chicken. A generous scoop will make any sandwich more memorable. However you use it, we recommend adding plenty of fresh parsley for color and brightness.

7.75oz. Refrigerate after receiving. Ingredients: pitted dates, pitted black olives from Morocco, olive oil, Sorrento lemons, lemon juice, black peppercorn. Contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and potassium sorbate to prevent yeast and mold.