Chef’s Best® Sunset Spice

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Think that all-in-one seasonings are dumb? Not this one. We use carefully calibrated spice blends in lieu of salt to quickly add balance, depth and dimension to whatever we're cooking. 

This blend features smoky flakes of Syrian red chilies, various toasted and roughly ground seeds, a touch of malty and dark raw sugar, and just enough course sea salt.

We like to use it as a dry rub, sprinkled generously on anything you might be sliding into your oven or grill — for us, that means lots of sweet potatoes, chicken wings, squid, and corn. It's wonderful mixed with olive oil or yogurt as a dip for bread, sprinkled over diced raw tuna, or added to a simple vinaigrette for salad.

This is THE spice blend for delicious spring and summer cooking.

 7.5oz. Keep out of sunlight and seal tightly. Ingredients: sea salt, aleppo pepper, fennel seed, coriander seed, raw brown sugar, cumin seed.