Chef’s Best® Very Spicy Summer Spice

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We use carefully calibrated spice blends in lieu of salt to quickly add balance, depth and dimension to various ingredients and dishes.

This is our current go-to spice blend for delicious summer cooking. It contains green peppercorn, unripe numbing sichuan peppercorn, sea salt, cane sugar, dehydrated citrus zest, and toasted fennel seed. It’s pretty damn spicy too so just try a pinch at first.

Goes beautiful atop popcorn, salads, watermelon, chicken wings, peaches, corn, steak, fish, grains... anything, actually. Experiment with layering flavor by adding sprinkles before, during, and after cooking. 


4oz. Keep out of sunlight and seal tightly. Ingredients:green peppercorn, unripe sichuan peppercorn, sea salt, cane sugar, dehydrated lime zest, and toasted fennel seed.