Rhubarb Champagne Mignonette

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Mignonette isn't just for oysters. You'll always find a jar in our refrigerator: minced shallots, salt, freshly cracked black peppercorns, and vinegar work together to add salt, zingy acid, and warm umami to all sorts of dishes. In this batch, strands of rhubarb add a seasonally fruity taste and a lovely pink hue.

Yes, it’s delicious spooned atop raw seafood. But mignonette is also a sublime alternative to those gloppy squeeze bottles of ready-to-eat salad dressing. Mix with olive oil and you have a spot on dressing for any lettuce, beans, or quickly cooked vegetables. 

In a pan, we'll even melt butter into the mignonette until a sort of sauce materializes: velvety, the shallots sweet and translucent, the vinegar having evaporated and intensified.

The shallots themselves can also be lifted out of the jar with a slotted spoon and used as a cool, crisp, salty garnish. 

9oz. Refrigerate after receiving. Ingredients: champagne vinegar, shallots, rhubarb, sea salt, and tellicherry black peppercorn.