Scent of Summer Rain

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We use scent to add character and create different atmospheres throughout our home. The kitchen is best when it smells like sautéed onions, but for the rest of our apartment, we like to experiment with ever-changing combinations of steam-extracted essential oils from various herbs, flowers, and plants.

These clean and evocative blends are kept in discrete and elegant dropper bottles. They are far more affordable and versatile than any scented candle. We enjoy using a few drops in hot baths, ultrasonic vapor diffusers, oil burners, or large unscented pillar candles. Even rubbing a few drops into the wrists and neck makes for a nice personal fragrance. 

This blend smells like rain, with clear notes of lemongrass, cedar bark, and bergamot. 

For smelling, not eating. Do not eat or drink. Use within 1 year of opening.