Pine Needle & Lemon Vinegar

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Infused vinegars are a Pith classic and our most-used pantry staple. Packaged in small dropper bottles, they make it easy to add a dash of layered, complex flavor to anything: a yogurt dip, raw seafood, salad dressing, a cocktail...

In March, we sourced sweet and foresty baby pine needles, and soaked them for months in champagne vinegar alongside whole sorrento lemons and sweet golden raisins.

This is our first vinegar made without any chilis. It goes well with spiciness, but it's also refreshing to enjoy on its own — especially during the summer when the crisp, piney, lemony flavors transport us to cooler months.

We love this vinegar on raw seafood with olive oil; mixed into sparkling water for a unique shrub; mixed into yogurt (a delicious piney dip of all time); combined with lemon juice and olive oil (best salad dressing of all time), drizzled into soups or chilis, or brushed over grilled meats and vegetables.

Ingredients: champagne vinegar, pine needles, golden raisins, sorrento lemons, sea salt. Refrigerate after opening.