Rhubarb Chili Vinegar

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Chili vinegar is a Pith classic and possibly our most-used pantry staple. Every drop delivers concentrated bursts of acid, heat, and salt. A perfect seasoning! Like hot sauce, but better.

For this batch, we patiently infused quality champagne vinegar with fruity red rhubarb and roughly chopped bird’s eye chilies. The result is an electrically pink, intensely spicy, beautifully balanced finishing vinegar. We intentionally keep the vinegar cloudy with small strands of rhubarb and chilies.

We use it sparingly, but frequently, on a freshly shucked oyster or to elevate raw seafood; with a tiny spoonful mixed into yogurt (best dip of all time); combined with lemon juice and olive oil (best salad dressing of all time), drizzled into soups or chilis, or brushed over grilled meats and vegetables.

Ingredients: vinegar, rhubarb, chilis, salt. Refrigerate after opening.