Green Chili Vinegar

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Infused vinegars are a Pith classic and our most-used pantry staple. Packaged in small dropper bottles, they make it easy to add a dash of layered, complex flavor to anything: a yogurt dip, raw seafood, salad dressing, a cocktail...

This vinegar is infused with a mash of a variety of green peppers - smoky hatch and poblano peppers, fiery Thai bird’s eye chilies, and vegetal bell peppers. It was fermented for 4 months before being strained, seasoned with salt, and bottled with a whole chili floating in each bottle.

This vinegar is relatively spicy and super flavorful. We love it on raw seafood with olive oil; dripped into beer for a Michelada type of thing; mixed into yogurt; combined with lemon juice and olive oil (best salad dressing of all time), drizzled into soups or chilis, or brushed over grilled meats and vegetables.

Ingredients: champagne vinegar, thai birds eye chilis, poblano peppers, hatch chilis, green bell pepper, sea salt. Refrigerate after opening.