Tomato Spaghetti Masterclass — April 21

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April 21, 2021. 7:30pm EST.

“This is the best pasta I’ve ever had in my life” - many Italian people, after eating Sarah’s pasta at our home. 

In this video-class, Sarah (pseudo-Italian pasta queen) will teach you how to make a very classic, perfectly toothsome spaghetti with tomato sauce. She'll show you how to create a restaurant-style glossy emulsion of starchy pasta water and sauce that the pasta finishes cooking in. 

This technique will let you confidently cook all sorts of dried pastas going forward, and Sarah will give plenty of ideas for future attempts: anchovy and breadcrumbs; pesto, 

A Zoom video link along with recommended ingredients and tools will be sent after purchase.

You’ll need a big pot, a big pan with curved edges, a big can of cherry tomatoes, some olive oil, salt, red chili flakes or black peppercorn, and a pack of spaghetti. It's important to select thick, dried pasta made with a bronze die: you'll be able to see white starch dotting the exterior of every strand. Oh — don't forget some parmesan and basil will be great for garnishing.

Have a nice snack or a glass of wine on hand to show off to the group as well.