Steak Masterclass — April 17

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April 17, 2021. 7:30pm EST.

In this video-class, Jonah will teach you how to not fuck up a nice steak. Mostly we will be covering concepts and techniques such as selecting steaks, dry aging, judging doneness, seasoning, slicing, etc. We will also make a fresh, spicy herbaceous gremolata - as well as a rich pan sauce.

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You’ll need a cast-iron pan, a nice big steak (nothing thin like a skirt steak or hangar steak), a bunch of salt, and a big sharp knife.

For the sauces, you’ll want a shallot, a red onion, a big fistful of herbs (anything like parsley, dill, basil, tarragon, or a combination), a lime or two, a bit of butter, and a splash of red wine.

Have a nice snack on hand as well (potato chips or something) to show off to the group as well.